Butterfly® Carmen Baroque Saddle Dressage

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Butterfly® Carmen Baroque Saddle Dressage


Butterfly® Carmen meets the demands of Academic Riding.

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Butterfly® Carmen meets the demands of Aca­demic Riding and is perfectly suited for the needs of baroque horses, such as Lusitanos, Andalusians and well-muscled horses.

The lily at the saddle flaps and the delicately worked white ornamental stitching give an attractive appearance.

The cantle is strapped to the saddle channel and there­fore removable. This makes the saddles use for turnaments possible.


Saddles with double layer flaps:

For the riders comfort the saddle flaps are equipped with a 2 mm padding. Our leather is anilin-dyed. For this process only first-class, immaculate hides can be used.

Additional Information

Type Baroque Saddle / Dressage Saddle
Material Naturally tanned leather from southern Germany, aniline dyed
Sizes of Seat 18“
Saddle Tree Butterfly®
Saddle Flaps Double layer flaps
Billets Tearproof LEMICO®
Seat Deep
Blocks MT-004
Cantle removable
Saddle Colours Black, brown
Piping Yes
Applications White stitching