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Butterfly-LUKKA Saddle for Icelandic horses

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Butterfly-LUKKA Saddle for Icelandic horses


The highly comfortable saddle Butterfly-LUKKA® fits perfectly the needs of Icelandic horses and other gaited breeds.

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Lukka means Luck
Happiness for lucky Icelandics

Butterfly-Lukka® is designed for Icelandic horses and other gaited breeds. The comfortable seat puts the rider in close contact to the horse. The saddle has very short panels, ranging from 38 cm to 39.5 cm, depending on the seat size. The innovative Butterfly-System adapts to nearly every horse and offers increased freedom of movement as well as stimulating the horse to use its back. The quality of the foam used in the panels and their special cut support this effect. The short, wide panels distribute the weight evenly, while not adding pressure to the lumbar area.

The Butterfly-Lukka® is made exclusively with naturally tanned and aniline dyed saddle leather. All metal parts are made of stainless steel and the billets are from tear-proof LEMICO®.

The vertically and horizontally moving hinges of the saddle tree at withers and shoulder make the adaption to the horse’s movements possible – from walk up to the highest collection. Without a conventional gullet plate at the pommel. The remaining ”reinforcing bar” can not exert pressure on the withers. Butterfly® saddles offer a revolutionary system of saddle tree that will adapt to the different conformation of a variety of horses!

Additional Information

Time of Delivery Please contact our consultants
Material grained cowhide (smooth leather: surcharge 30 Euro)
Sizes of Seat 17“, 18“
Saddle Flaps one layer, 3,5 – 4 mm
Billets 2 long straps
Seat deep, semi-deep, flat
Blocks MT-020, with velcro: can be moved and exchanged
Saddle Colours Black, brown
Piping Silver-coloured