Butterfly® Richard Hinrichs Baroque Saddle Dressage

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Butterfly® Richard Hinrichs Baroque Saddle Dressage


The Butterfly Richard Hinrichs baroque saddle follows the clear and objective design of the Vienna school saddles. The saddle offers a highly comfortable seat, that especially fits the needs of female riders.

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In 2000 Richard Hinrichs together with some friends founded the institute for classical riding in Hanover. The aim of the institute is the continually revival and spreading of the classical principles of equitation as an essential component of nature- and culture-oriented quality of life in our increasingly technically advanced age.

”Only a rider, who reached his mental balance or who is able to reach this state for the handling of the horse, can create for the horse recognizable functional relationships. Only a psychologically balanced and satisfied horse is working for and not against the rider.”

Additional Information

Type Baroque saddle / dressage
Material Naturally tanned leather from southern Germany, aniline dyed
Sizes of Seat 17", 18"
Saddle Tree Butterfly®
Saddle Flaps Double layer flaps (with 2 mm padding)
Billets Tearproof LEMICO®
Seat R|H
Blocks MT-004
Cantle Galerie
Saddle Colours Black, brown