About Michael Putz

Michael is a successful rider in all disciplines up to class S (1,60m), and a Pferdewirtschaftsmeister (master in equestrian management). He carries the Golden Rider Badge (top honour), has many years of experience as riding trainer and tournament judge on all levels in dressage as well as jumping. He was the executive director of the Westfalian Riding and Driving School in Muenster for 15 years running (Master degree for professional riders).

Since 2001 he is working as a freelance trainer, teaching seminars and training courses for professional riders, amateur rides for trainers and judges.

Michael is

- Co author of the German Guidelines Volumes 1 & 2 "Principles of Riding" and "Advanced Techniques of Dressage" by the German Equestrian Federation.(FN)

- Author of "Reiten mit Verstand und Gefühl" (Riding with Understanding and Feeling)

- Co author of the FN Sports Compendium

- Author of contributing articles in many sport horse magazines

- He works as an independent equestrian assessor for the Courts

- Member of many equestrian committees and forums

Michael Putz transmits in his courses, that training along the classical guidelines has to be sensitive, respectful and fair to the horse. His main objective of teaching is to train horse and rider along the proven path (the scale of training). He has an outstanding ability to recognise and analyse problems and to offer practical solutions. The result of his teaching are the preserved forwardness of the horse, its willingness to perform and the ongoing ability and willingness to have a harmonic partnership between horse and rider.


- Born 1946 in Fürth, Bavaria
- 1965 UE
- 1966-69 Studied law at Erlangen University, switched to Teacher Training College.
- 1973 Finished degree as teacher.