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About Richard Hinrichs


Richard Hinrichs baroque saddle dressage 


The cooperation with Richard Hinrichs and the development of his baroque saddle startet with a crucial sentence, being based on formative experience, while we first spoke on the telephone: ”You know I actually don't like saddlers.”


The stakes were clearly high. The first test with a standard model demonstrated immediately that the Butterfly system of saddle tree is perfectly suitable for the needs of classical riding. It becomes clear very fast that a saddle for Richard Hinrichs should be a simple one, such as known from the Wiener Schulsattel. But for the high demands of this special saddle we had to turn upside down. Practible and nice details needed to be balanced and also discarded. Of great importance was a comfortable seat and in addition a special attention was asked for a perfect saddle for woman - ”pubic bone friendly”. Furthermore the saddle needs to be durable for the daily work and of simple elegance for the participation at gala performances.



Richard Hinrichs baroque saddle, shortly said: no frills, no plush - just riding.


It was a hard and long way to the Richard Hinrichs baroque saddle. Never before the dt saddlery took such a great amount of time for the development of a Butterfly saddle. But we think, it was worth it!


In 2000 Richard Hinrichs together with some friends founded the institute for classical riding in Hanover. The aim of the institute is the continually revival and spreading of the classical principles of equitation as an essential component of nature- and culture-oriented quality of life in our increasingly technically advanced age.

”Only a rider, who reached his mental balance or who is able to reach this state for the handling of the horse, can create for the horse recognizable functional relation­ships. Only a psychologically balanced and satisfied horse is working for and not against the rider.” Richard Hinrichs