Reins for Double Bridles Uta Gräf

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Reins for Double Bridles Uta Gräf


High quality reins for double bridles, 150 cm extra long


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The reins for double bridles (and snaffle bridles) are part of the Uta Gräf collection. She prefers soft reins, that feel comfortably in the hand and make a good connections to the horses mouth possible. LEMICO® offers the requested attributes and offers grip even in damp conditions. With a length of 150 cm the reins are 10 cm longer than standard reins.

The reins are available in black and brown and equipped with covered hooks for buckling to the ring of the bit.

Easy-care LEMICO® is tearproof, durable, anti-allergenic and vegan. For cleaning just use water and a mild detergent. Do not oil, it always stays soft and will not crack.

Additional Information

Time of Delivery about 10 days
Colour schwarz, kastanienbraun
Material Soft LEMICO®
Size/Lenght 150cm
Type Reins for double bridles
Buckles stainless steel