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The innovative Butterfly® system of saddle tree with highly elastic seat and highly adaptable saddle panels from active foam, available for all Butterfly® saddles

Butterfly® COMFORT-saddles combine the innovative Butterfly® system of saddle tree with the long-proven spring steel tree and saddle panels from high-performance active foam: The saddle tree is individually covered with belts (length-ways and crossways) to create an elastic fibre composite. This forms a shock-absorbing seat, which is due to the highly flexible mounting perfectly adapted to the buddocks.

  • The movable hinges at shoulder and withers makes the adjustability to the horse’s anatomy possible.
  • The computer representation shows the saddle tree with the covered seat and the saddle panels from high-performance active foam.

The fibre composite is applied with four layers of foam, sanded to achieve the desired final shape. This laborious technique comes alike to riders of horses with great movement. The shock-absorbing properties releave the riders and the horse’s spine.

As a result a saddle of excellent properties is created:

• maximum riding comfort due to optimized shock-absorption
• high form stability
• longevity thanks to the use of high-quality materials


“I got two saddles of the new Butterfly®-Comfort line for a testing. On the first view, while unpacking the saddles, I felt that these saddles are something particularly noble. And when I mounted for the first time and rode it came clear to me, that the name for this completely re-designed saddle seat is perfectly choosen: Butterfly®-Comfort!“