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The Butterfly® System of Saddle Tree

Butterfly® saddles offer a revolutionary system of saddle tree that makes the adaption to horses of very different physique possible – always and in every movement!


The vertically and horizontally moveable hinges of the saddle tree at withers and shoulder makes the adaption to the horse’s movements possible – from walk up to highest collection.

Butterfly® saddles are not equipped with a conventional gullet plate at the pommel. The remaining ”reinforcing bar” can not exert pressure on the withers. 

Makes possible to saddle almost every kind of horse’s, differences in shape get compensated by the flexibility.

No flocking adjustments anymore;

Comfortable freedom for shoulder and withers prevents from painfull pressure points at the thoracic trapezius.


Increased forward movement and cadence;

All metal parts made of high quality steel; maintenance free curved stirrup bars; billets from tear-proof LEMICO®

* International patent