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The Leather

For our products we exclusively use high class materials. The leather is from southern Germanys production, naturally tanned to avoid allergic reactions and aniline dyed. For this process only first-class, immaculate hides can be used.

For the riders comfort the saddle flaps are equipped with a 2 mm padding.

All snaffle and double bridles are hand-crafted and made from twice waxed, double stitched bridle leather.

Innovation LEMICO®

Compared with leather LEMICO® offers advantages regarding durability and cleaning, without having to compromise in terms of elegant design and high-quality processing. With the same care we produce excellent products from leather, we develop riding accessories from LEMICO®.


For cleaning just use water and a mild detergent. Do not oil, it always stays soft and will not crack.


Innovation MEMOFORM®

MEMOFORM® is a ”visco-elastic” foam used for our saddle girths and saddle pads. It is soft and supple released by the body heat and offers a specific elasticity for high comfort for the horse. It perfectly retains its shape, is machine washable (cold-wash) and dries fast.